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What Others Are Saying About Larceny Games

"With Larceny Games, The Fix Is In author Brian Tuohy doesn't simply go deeper down the rabbit hole of sports conspiracy theories -- he examines the demonstrable connections between big-time sports, big-money gambling and organized crime, digging through real life scandals and actual, previously unreleased FBI case files to pose hard questions and draw disturbing conclusions. Too often, the sports world asks nothing more of its audience than to feel something; Tuohy presses fans to think. An intriguing read for skeptics and true believers alike."

-- Patrick Hruby, sportswriter and journalist, Sports On Earth

"Brian Tuohy has never met a dare or challenge he didn't like. He has met and/or likely will meet a few bettors, bookmakers (legal and/or illicit), lawmakers and sports players, administrators and referees who won't like him after reading this detailed follow-up to The Fix Is In, his hard-hitting initial effort at exposing game influences that now becomes merely the foreword to this punchy on-deck hitter. If you've lost money gambling on games, there's a reason. If you've won, quit while you're ahead and read this before you put down your next bet. It'll be one of the best gambles you've ever taken, even if I do agree with his adviser, investigative reporter Dan Moldea, that, for his own good, he probably
shouldn't have written this book."

-- Howard Schlossberg, Associate Professor, Journalism/Columbia College Chicago

"Once again, Brian shows there's much more to professional sports than meets the eyes (or ears), and he continues to prove that if something can be fixed, it will be fixed. Brian digs so deep that I swear on day he'll need a bodyguard!"

-- Sam Bourquin, Host, The Sam Bourquin Show, News/Talk 1480 WHBC Canton, OH